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Surviving the Holidays and Remembering Our Loved Ones

Erin Hutchins Johnson

November 9, 2022 at 6:00:00 PM

For those mourning the loss of a spouse, child, parent or other loved one, the holiday season can be filled with extreme sadness, stress and seem daunting. Whether it’s the first holiday without your loved one or it has been some time, the holiday season can be something you start dreading months before they arrive. Amid the hustle and bustle, twinkling lights and smiling faces, you witness others celebrating the holiday season and ask yourself, will I ever enjoy a holiday again? It’s completely normal to feel sad, lonely and disoriented during the holidays. You are not alone. For some, taking a break from the holidays can help but for others, staying involved serves as a symbol of life continuing and provides comfort. Here are some strategies that you can utilize over the next few weeks as we navigate the holiday season. . It can be one of the most uncomfortable conversations we have but despite the certainty of death, many of us put off making plans to discuss final wishes with our loved one(s). Let’s face it, thinking about a loved one dying isn’t fun and can produce extreme discomfort. We plan for weddings, the birth of a child, education, careers, and retirement. Despite the conversations we have for these life events, rarely, if ever, do we have conversations or think about the final phase of our lives, until a crisis hits. Preparing in advance allows us to avoid some of the uncertainty and anxiety associated with our loved one(s) not knowing our preferences and allows you to create a plan that honors your beliefs and wishes.

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